Thursday, June 18, 2009

An apt rejoinder

Rabbi Avraham Sherman is at it again, questioning the motives of all potential gerim in Israel, who are overwhelmingly Russian. My favorite response to the article was in one of the comments: Dear Rabi Sherman: In Olam Habah, gerim nullify you.

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moshe said...


I think it is a pity that you get your information from Haaretz.

While not necessarily a fan of Rabbi Sherman, it is very difficult (to say the least) not to be bothered by the way the conversion authority in Israel works. We can pretend that the issue does not exist - we can bury our heads in the sand. Or - we can tackle it head on.

R' Sherman is not trying to invalidate all conversions in Israel - just those that were undergone in a particular fashion - the conversion authority. He is of the opinion that their motives are not pure (I agree with him on that), and that we must be choshesh about their conversions. I think that this p'saq shows that Rabbi Sherman did not invalidate all conversions done by the conversion authority - only some, and they need to be investigated thoroughly before being accepted/denied.

My heart goes out to all of the kosher gierim who think that they are being attacked - that is not the case - this only deals with people who did NOT convert with intention to actually live as a Jew.