Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Purim Spoof from Jewish Week

Jerusalem – A coalition of 33 Orthodox rabbis in Israel declared this week that the government’s plan to switch all television reception to a digital signal is forbidden and unacceptable.

“It requires converter boxes,” said group spokesman Rabbi Lazer Disk, “and we don’t recognize the converters as kosher.”

More details if you follow the link

Non traditional Purim observance

Shira has a checklist for Purim mitsvot, which focus on the traditional aspects. To complement her list, here is a checklist of supplementary/non-traditional purim practices:

1) Did your community have a Vashti dance to support domestic violence shelters?

2) Did you or your kids if any wear costumes either to shul or otherwise during the day? If so, what did you or your kids go as?

3) Did your community have a purim shpeil? After, before, during, or instead of the Megillah reading?

4) Did anyone give Purim Torah, either at the seudah or elsewhere?