Thursday, November 20, 2008

Interesting Bracha questions

Should a bracha be recited over food that might taste terrible? Vos Is Neias has an interesting article on it.

They talk about a brand of jelly beans that has a mix of edible and foul tasting beans. The beans are not distinguishable by color or odor. When you eat a single jelly bean, should you recite a bracha or not?

Interestingly, the article misses what I regard as some key points.
1) Perhaps you could eat a handful of beans so the chance of getting one good tasting one is large? The question would be whether such a mix could taste ok, or would the whole mix taste foul.

2) They tasted the 'foul tasting' jelly beans on adults, not on kids that would buy the mix. Perhaps the kids derive enjoyment even from the foul tasting beans?

3) They question whether the OU should certify such a halachically difficult food. I remember hearing that in Israel 10 - 20 years ago the Badatz had serious questions about certifying bubble gum and ice cream as they saw no point in children eating such trash. The natural question is why the OU should have qualms over this when they already willingly certify things that don't need certification. I'll remain silent about the elephant that may or may not be shechted with this question - perhaps one of my commentators will say something.

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