Monday, August 04, 2008

This is how we should do it

A rabbi in Israel has reviewed the kashrut at many different restaurants. He doesn't just list who the certification authority is, he describes their standards and whether they live up to them. This is such an improvement over the US, where a supposed fear of lawsuits(*) results in rabbonim and other certifying agencies simply saying 'recommended' or 'not recommended' and refusing to give a reason. Even worse, most commonly one doesn't even consult with a rav but simply listens to the common rumor on the street.

Hat tip Kmelion on livejournal. Actual report available in Hebrew pdf format starts on page 5.

(*) "The truth is no libel" has been an established principle in the US since colonial days. Don't want to lose a lawsuit? Don't lie. Furthermore, courts are extremely reluctant to rule over religious issues such as whether a store is really kosher or not. Also, Lashon Hara rules do not apply when it comes to preventing someone from commiting an averia. Arguably one commits more Lashon Hara by saying "Restaurant A is not kosher" then by saying "Restaurant A's mashgiach comes in once a week, and he doesn't thoroughly check vegetables".


Leora said...

Can I put a link to this on the Kosher Cooking Carnival (next week on my site)?

Rafi is talking about the fight for kashrut standards

Larry Lennhoff said...

Sure, no problem.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, even if you win defending yourself in a lawsuit is both expensive and unpleasant. Until courts impose sanctions for abuse of process both more often and more harshly, fear of litigation will deter even lawful comments.