Monday, October 16, 2006

Two Simchat Torah Vignettes

10PM Simchat Torah night: The 7th Hakafa is finished and the gabbai is trying to get the Torah reading started. One cluster of people are still trying to keep the singing going. The gabbai's voice rises to operatic volume and clarity, singing L'KAVOD HATORAAAAAAAH and the singers finally hush. I look over towards them - 8 Yeshivah Bochurs and the shul's Rabbi, all flushed and grinning.

Simchat Torah day. I'm holding the sefer Torah in my arms while I dance, and suddenly I just lean my cheek against it and close my eyes. I get exactly the same fierce protective feeling I get when I hold a baby - knowing that something that will outlive me nevertheless needs me for it to survive to do so.

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